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About Jife.com

Japanese designers are renowned for the way they match beauty & function.

The philosophy that underpins Japanese Home Design is that beauty & function can help us relax and enjoy life.

Based on these premises, Jife.com has been created: To curate the best of Japanese home & garden design, products and services to inspire us to relax and enjoy life at home and beyond.

Jife.com is:

(1) An independent platform for architecture, interior and exterior design inspired by Japanese Design

(2) A collaborative platform that connects end users together, as well as shops and professionals across the world

What does Jife means?

Jife means Japanese Life.

Who is behind Jife.com?

Jife.com consists of two people. Vincent and Hiroe who are married. Hiroe is Japanese and has helped Vincent to design  their House and Life inspired by minimalism concepts, Zen and Japan. 8 years later, Vincent kicked off the development  of Jife.com in order to  communicate that learning. The idea is to focus on the home as a living experience rather than a  place to live and to combine home design ideas with life stories to create a holistic well being inspiration experience (Well-being refers to a more holistic, whole of life experience which is different from wellness which refers just to physical health)

We would very much like to share what we have found and have other help us discover more ways to reach a stronger sense of well being at home and in our life, inspired by Minimalism, Zen and Japan. 

Why doing this ?

People are too stressed and are looking for better & different ways of living. We are pushed to the limit in our stressful lives, due to uncertainty in finance, careers and too much noise in our lives, amplified by always on social media. There is also a definite trend toward living in smaller places due to:


-large population of aging citizen who are looking to downsize

-world population at all-time high causing many people to live in small home or in small flats

-a greener world view and people want to live in a home where space is not wasted

This stress and minimalist trend mean that we are craving for 

(1) A simpler way of life

(2) Privacy

(3) Calm

(4) Unclutter space

(5) A retreat to escape at the end of the day

What are the advantages of Jife.com?

Jife.com offers ideas to design all parts of the house. It offers a simple way to browse through Japanese home products and shops under one location. Jife.com is also a collaborative platform made of professionals from many different fields involving architecture, interior design, interior decoration, constructing and many more. Jife.com offers professionals and shops a way of widening their internet presence, this allows them to find and attract potential customers. 

How does Jife.com works for professionals?

It takes very little time to create a profile on Jife.com and through that you can be found by potential customers. Creating a profile is very easy and it only takes a few minutes.

Is Jife.com free?

Yes, the registration and the usage as well as the uploading of pictures is completely free of charge. There are no hidden costs.

How is Jife.com financed?

By Vincent's hard work during the week as a salary man.

What information does Jife.com require for professionals?

To create a profile, Jife.com only needs your e-mail address, your company category and the areas you cover. Please note that the more informative your profile is, the more attention you will gain from our users. Your data is naturally confidential and will in no case be transmitted to any third party.

What's coming next?

Later on, Jife.com will provide its own products for the home. The first product is a Japanese Cottage which objective is to allow the client to balance his personal and professional life in one space and is inspired by Japanese design as well as the Lego concept (one can attach multiple Japanse cottage cubes together)

The design of the cottage is based on the Iyashi philosophy

The philosophy of Iyashi is deeply woven into Japanese culture and customs: Iyashi is a concept that acknowledges when one becomes tired and over-stressed, then a place of solace is required - either physically, in one's mind - or with others, to regain a sense of centeredness, stamina, and well-being. We will discuss how we can practically benefit from this ancient knowledge, in the home and in our lives

They key criteria for this product is that a customer is able to build this alone, with traditional tools and in a short amount of time) and customize it as he sees fit for purpose (i.e.. to create a Japanese tea room or a meditation room, or a bedroom etc.)